WE ARE Unitas Environment Consultants LLP

WELCOME TO Unitas Environment Consultants LLP!

UNITAS Environment Consultants Limited Liability Partnership (UECLLP) was established in May 2013 as a Limited Liability Partnership by Environmental Professionals & Technocrats in Mumbai, India under the LLP Act (2008) amended till date {Registered LLPIN: AAB-5023}. We provide strategic planning and environmental solutions to our clients for obtaining clearances and consents from respective Government Authorities. The organization is guided by code of ethics, professional practice, philosophies leading UECLLP towards attaining its stated vision and mission. AIM & VISION Development is what we do and Environment is where we live, thus the balance can only be achieved by Sustainable Development. We at UECLLP scrutinize, analyze all our projects at preliminary stages and provide with the best environmental solutions with law. Our AIM is to leave a mark for future generations “Salvo Viride – Greener Future”.